Teacher Resources


The following resources have been identified to support effective practice and professional growth as defined by the Colorado Teacher Quality Standards that form the basis of the Model Teacher Evaluation System. Resources have been organized by Standards and Elements within the Professional Practices Rubric used for evaluating Colorado teachers and support the practices further described in the Resource Guide for Deepening Understanding of Teachers' Professional Practices. A timeline of the evaluation process is available here. All evaluations for the district are housed in the Colorado State Model Performance Management System (RANDA). Please note that this list is NOT comprehensive and will be regularly updated as new resources become available.

QUALITY STANDARD 1 - Teachers demonstrate mastery of and pedagogical expertise in the content they teach. The elementary teacher is an expert in literacy and mathematics and is knowledgeable in all other content that he or she teaches. The secondary teacher has knowledge of literacy and mathematics and is an expert in his or her content endorsement area(s).

ELEMENT A- Teachers provide instruction that is aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards; their district’s organized plan of instruction; and the individual needs of their students.

ELEMENT B- Teachers demonstrate knowledge of student literacy development in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

ELEMENT C: Teachers demonstrate knowledge of mathematics and understand how to promote student development in numbers and operations, algebra, geometry and measurement and data analysis and probability.

ELEMENT D: Teachers demonstrate knowledge of the content, central concepts, tools of inquiry, appropriate evidence-based instructional practices and specialized character of the disciplines being taught.

ELEMENT E: Teachers develop lessons that reflect the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines