Child Welfare Mandatory Reporter Training - Use this link to access the Colorado Child Welfare Mandated Reporter Training developed by the Colorado Department of Human Services. Once the training has been completed, you can print out certificate and submit for placement in your file. 

Information Regarding License Renewal

General information regarding Colorado's requirements for employment of teachers can be found in the Colorado Teacher Employment, Compensation and Dismissal Act. Technical information about the renewal process can be found in the FAQ below:

1. How much renewal credit do I need to renew my Professional license?
You will need to submit 6 semester hours of coursework or 90 clock hours of professional development. These can be combined. 1 semester hour is equal to 15 clock hours. (example: 30 clock hours of professional development plus 4 semester hours of college coursework would equal 6 semester hours or 90 clock hours).

2. Can I earn renewal credit for volunteer work?
No, Colorado no longer grants renewal credit for volunteer work.

3. How can I earn credit for educational travel?
Educational travel credit is granted when the travel experience enhances the educator's knowledge of history, culture, and diversity. Evidence of travel experience must include verification of travel dates, and examples/report of how the travel experience will be applied in the classroom. The travel experience must also relate to one or more of the Performance-Based Standards. Credit is not granted for travel time or meal hours. Be sure to include contact hours spent in the educational travel activity.

4. Can you explain how ongoing professional development works?
An educator involved in license renewal shall complete professional development activities totaling six semester hours or ninety clock hours and shall be completed with the five-year period preceding the date of expiration of the license to be renewed. Such activities must be related to increasing the license holder's competence in his or her existing or potential endorsement area, or to increase the licensee's skills and competence in delivery of instruction in his or her existing or potential endorsement area.

For greater detail regarding professional development, click here to go to the Secretary of State website to view rule. Click on the "Current Version" then read rule 12.02(1).

5. I attended a conference. How should I write up a professional development activity?
Please provide a brief statement explaining what the professional development was, how it enhanced your skills, and how it relates to one or more of the performance-based standards. Evidence of the professional development activity should include a certificate of completion or a letter from the organization that offered the professional activity. All certificates should have the name of the organization, address, name(s) of the presenter(s), date of the activity (mm/dd/yy), and clock hours printed on them. Certificates with altered dates and/or clock hours will not be accepted. All letters should be signed and dated by the presenter(s) on company letterhead.

6. If my license expired years ago, can I use credit I earned but did not turn in?
Credit for the renewal of a professional license cannot be more than five years old at the time of application.

7. Can I use professional development credit that I earned outside of Colorado or outside of the United States?
Acceptable in-service activities must be provided by a Colorado school district, Colorado non-public school, or Colorado BOCES. Professional development credit can be earned outside of Colorado and the United States. College/university credit can be earned outside of Colorado and the United States as long as it is earned from an accepted, regionally accredited college or university.

8. I have several certificates for classes that I have attended. Is that all I have to include with my renewal application?
You will be required to complete a "Renewal Summary of Professional Activities" form found in the online application. Once complete, you will upload that completed form and all backup documentation you used for credit into your eLicense application. You may include the certificates only if the dates of attendance and the contact hours of attendance are noted on the original certificates. Do not alter these certificates, as we do not accept altered materials. Contact the workshop/class provider and request an updated certificate or an addendum to the original certificate if your original certificate does not include the date and/or contact hours. This type of credit can be turned in under professional development. Do not mail or bring your backup documentation to CDE, it must be uploaded into your application (except official transcripts).

9. The only paperwork I received from my college was a grade report. Will you accept that as proof of credit?
No, you must request an official transcript from the registrar's office at your college or university. You may be charged a minimal fee.

10. Can I use computer courses for renewal credit?
Yes, if you can show that they enhanced your professional growth and can relate them to one or more of the Colorado Professional Educator Standards. You will need to provide a certificate or transcript that shows that you completed the course, how many clock hours or semester hours of credit you earned, and the date you completed the course.

11. Can I send in renewal credit to CDE as I earn it?
No, please include evidence of renewal credit with your renewal application. You can apply for renewal 6 months prior to expiration.

12. I previously held a certificate with both my teaching and special services endorsements on it. I now have two licenses. Do I have to fill out two applications and pay two renewal fees?
Yes, you will submit two applications with a renewal fee for each license. When renewing more that one type of license at the same time, you may be required to upload the same documents into two separate renewal applications.

13. My school district did not notify me that my license was due to expire until it had already expired. What do I do now?
It is the responsibility of the license holder to be aware of the expiration date(s) of their license(s). You will need to submit a Renewal of Professional application as soon as possible. Upon issuance, the new effective date will correspond with the application date, as CDE cannot backdate.

14. Can I use all of my student teacher mentorship hours for renewal credit?
You may only use a total of 45 clock hours of mentorship for renewal credit.

15. I recently received a student teacher form verifying renewal credit. Do I send that form to CDE and do you keep it on file for me?
No, please maintain your renewal credit information and submit it in your complete renewal application at the appropriate time.

16. I'm retired and want to get licensed again. What do I need to do?
You can renew your professional license with six semester hours of college/university credit or 90 clock hours of professional development (i.e. in-services, workshops, etc.). You can apply for a five-year substitute authorization if you want to substitute teach. For more information on substitute authorizations please see the substitute authorization section.

17. What if my license is expired?
You will fill out the same Renewal of Professional application as long as you have met the renewal requirements. Keep in mind that your renewal credits cannot be older than five years.